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﹛﹛Yangzhoushi Yuandong Compound Material Factory lies Yangzhou,locating in Yangtze River
Dalta where have beautiful view and convenient communications.Many highway cross in the city,
and NingQi railway line go through the city as well.
﹛﹛Jianeng Company is established in 1986,and have possessed three great kinds of products,
plastic products,sponge products,either have various kinds of advanced manufacture equipment
of compound material˙cutting and establishing equipment of sponge and EVA˙the manufacture
equipment of plastic products and so on . We give service to trade of clothing ﹜shoes﹜caps﹜
toys﹜auto﹜electronic﹜machinery and so on . We have equipment and professional technician ,
as a special productor,we concentrate design,development,production.Every year we have produced
about ten million of various products.
﹛﹛In the new century , We expect to cooperate hand in hand , develop together with all friends.

Notes:new products and material are continued to produce and on the market.
ADDㄩJiudian Industrial Park Huaisi Town Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province(Black Steed west)
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